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City Game Bag

AB City Game Bag


Our Atelier Bensenhaver City Game Bag is very loosely based upon the game bag used by hunters. The game bag has a mesh pocket to keep the shot game separate from your other stuff, but as we are animal lovers and we live in the city of Amsterdam, we adapted the game bag to a city game bag. But it kept a mesh pocket.. but to put your sunglasses and other stuff you want in reach.

Our AB City Game Bag is made of 14.25 Oz. denim. 

dimensions of the City Game Bag (width x depth x height)
33 x 33 x 43cm
so definitely not huge, but hey.. in a city you don't need a huge game bag!

As you see on the picture the City Game Bag comes with either an orange or yellow badge. If you have a strong preference which one you want to have on your City Game Bag let us know.. otherwise luck will decide.



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