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AB duffle bag

AB Duffle Bag


Our Atelier Bensenhaver Duffle Bag is made of 14.25 Oz. selvage denim combined with natural vegetable tanned leather from Italy.

The AB Duffle Bag ivs based on the American army duffle that has been in use for ages and has been the best friend of many soldier, guarding his or her personal belongings.
We bought an vintage duffle when we were traveling through Asia and of course had to carry back home much more then anticipated.
This vintage duffle always travels with us nowadays... but perhaps this ends now with adding this Atelier Bensenhaver Duffle to our collection.

The size of the AB Duffle Bag is within the carry on allowance of all airlines, so easy to carry along if you're on a weekend trip.
It has an inside pocket with zipper for the little stuff you carry with you.

dimensions of the AB Duffle Bag
50 x 25 x 25cm



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